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Hopefully you can help me! – My hubby and I are going to travel/backpack for 2 years. Very similar to you!! So -  We are now looking at travel insurance. World Nomads is awesome, but I spoke with them and they only allow for 1 year max! We are getting insurance with them for 1 year – definitely, but – they suggested I use a different insurance provider for the 2nd year…

Any recommendations? BlueCross? or… ?

(We are Canadian and will be travelling all over the world, with no exact return date)

Thanks for your help!

Kristin & Justin


Kristin and Justin,

I actually got this question from a Canadian before and he ended up doing what we did, which is to buy policies as needed. Each policy is limited to a one-year max, but at month 11 just buy another policy!  A representative first claimed he needed to be in the country to buy the policy, but after asking enough questions and reading the policy, he was told that he didn’t have to be in the country to start the policy. He simply needed a “home” address.

We bought through STA travel, had a computer stolen and my father-in-law broke his leg (on his own policy), and found them to be very responsive and helpful.

Hope that helps. Again, any questions you have please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy the trip of a lifetime,



YOUR TURN: What has your travel insurance experience been?  Have you been happy with your provider?  SHARE YOUR travel insurance stories in the comments below.

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