Hiking in Nepal

Hiking in Nepal


I am thinking of heading to Nepal from Bali in the next 10 days.  I am a solo female traveller, you mentioned ease of finding crew to hike with when I arrive?  Just ensure having a few days to acclimatize and connect, yes?  Base Camp or Annapurna in your opinion?  I still need to do more research on my end, but what are some general differences in the 2 hikes?

Jess F.


Hey Jess,

Heading to Nepal?  I’m excited for you, it’s one of my favorites.  BUT, I don’t know if it’s hiking season.  You will need to ask around and find out, I am pretty sure that the EBC area may be inaccessible, but I don’t know.  I would guess that the Annapurna Circuit is doable, but again, I’m not sure.  That aside, all the information and help you need is available at Swissa.  They are the cheapest and most helpful agency for backpackers.

View from Kala PattharMount Everest, the big attraction of the Three Passes or Everest Base Camp treks in Nepal.

If you don’t have a flight directly to Kathmandu, I would recommend stopping in India first, it’s a good time to visit Rajasthan and the golden triangle before it gets super hot.

As for EBC and Annapurna the differences are stark.  If you can I would highly recommend doing both.  Annapurna has more “culture” along the way, you pass through ancient villages and interact with locals.  Everest Base Camp/Three Passes is about spectacular views.  You are deep in valleys and right in the mountains, whereas Annapurna is more around them.  It’s hard to go to Nepal and not go to EBC, at the same time the Annapurna Circuit+Annapurna base camp are awesome.  You won’t go wrong, but seriously I would do one, then decide on the other, because after you recover in a city for a while you’ll probably want to do the other.

Happy Trails!


Annapurna Circuit Trek

Walking into an ancient stone city along the Annapurna Circuit.


YOUR TURN:  Have you hiked these hikes?  Which do you recommend?  SHARE YOUR STORY in the comments.

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