Crossing the Atlantic from South America

Crossing the Atlantic from South America


We are trying to plan our flights over to SE Asia and I was hoping you might have some tips.  We are planning to fly to SE Asia around May and can leave from Chile or Brazil. We are very flexible.  Looks like most flights go east and cost $1500-2000 each. Seems steep.

Any suggestions on routes or airlines to use? 

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Sorry to say, that’s going to be an expensive flight, flying to/from South America is expensive.  I wouldn’t think you could do it for much less than $1500.

OK, not that we’ve accepted that this is going to cost you, you might as well enjoy it, so here’s my “crazy” idea.  Hop on a seasonal transatlantic cruise from South America to Europe (or the USA…but that’s not as cool).  Basically all the Antarctica and South America ships chase summer north…they have to move the ship and crew, so they take people along for the ride.  Not many people can commit to the 14-30 day trips, so discounts can be huge.

If you are willing to shell out a little money, I bet this company will take you for 31 days from South America to Antarctica to Europe for $4-5k each.  It sounds like a lot but in reality people pay that just to go to Antarctica.  Contact them directly, they wheel and deal.  We took this ship to Antarctica and it’s posh.

Here is one from Brazil to Spain listed for $800-900 in April, I bet they’ll do two-for-one.  You could then take this flight from Spain to Singapore and hell, you’ve spent $1500 and had a lifetime experience!

MAD-SIN Flight
BOOM, that’s it.  That’s what I’d do.  If you do a cruise NEGOTIATE directly with the cruise line, you’re just cash on a boat they have to move anyways.



YOUR TURN: How have you saved money getting from continent to continent?  What have been your experiences negotiating for cruises?


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