How to Get an Antarctic Cruise Deal

How to Get an Antarctic Cruise Deal


I read your web site every month. We had a great trip last year to Vietnam, Cambodia, rented a sailboat in Phuket, Singapore. Saw lots and the food was great. We are heading to Costa Rica and Panama this fall.

Next year we go to our last continent Antarctica . Saw that you have been on 7 continents , so how was antarctica, was the boat ride rough?? We are thinking in Nov. ,do you think this would be a good time?  What time of the year did you go?


Zodiac Cruise, Pleneau IslandFew places match Antarctica for landscape photography, it is as if the Himalayas were flooded.


Great to hear from a longtime reader of ours over at LivingIF!  Very few people pay the list price for Antarctica tours, in fact, discounts of 20-60% are common.  The best part is, if you know you want to go in November book NOW.  The discounts being offered now were larger than what we were finding for “last-minute” deals and actually made us consider waiting until late-2013.  For example, this October 17 22-day trip that lists for $10,999 per person for a double is being offered here for $8,145.  In Dec these trips go for up to $20k per person.  Best part of this is it leaves from Buenos Aires which saves you $350 each in airfare to Ushuaia.

We didn’t do the kayaking, it looks awesome but you give up some landings, so it may be worth splitting (buying one and switching off, but you need to ask if they’ll let you).  We did the camping, highly recommend it.  A lot of companies will through them in for free if you don’t use a travel agent (i.e. book directly with cruise companies).

Next thing: bring as many US dollars as you will need for your entire time in Argentina (probably $150 per day, more if you can pay your hotel in cash.  There are currency controls in place on locals so they have very limited access to foreign currency which they want to hold.  Therefore, if you go to an ATM and withdraw cash you get 5 pesos for $1 USD, if you go to a money changer on Calle Florida you can get 8.5 pesos per dollar (probably 10 when you get there), making everything in Argentina 70% cheaper!  I’ll have a post to explain how to do this in a month or so…

Hope this helps get you there cheaper,


Neko Harbour, Graham Land- Antarctic Peninsula  Even more impressive than the scenery may be the unique wildlife.

YOUR TURN: How did you get to Antarctica?  Have any tips and tricks to get a deal to the White Continent?  Share your Antarctica secrets in the comments below.

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