21 Days of Unforgettable Southeast Asia

21 Days of Unforgettable Southeast Asia


My wife and I have three weeks to travel and would like to go to Southeast Asia.  It needs to mix culture, food, beaches and some hiking/outdoors for me.  What do you think would give us a good tour of the area yet keep my wife happy.





You’re thinking about going to one of my favorite parts of the world.  I’ve spend months of my life exploring here as my father is actually from Singapore.  The biggest issue is that it takes so long to get there, three weeks is perfect to get a good glimpse of the area.  Here’s a quick pass at a three week itinerary for Malaysia/Indonesia/Singapore.

-IMG_1382  ©DAYStoTRAVEL 100217Get over jet lag in Singapore with the best food in the world.

Day 1-2: Fly to Singapore (currently cheaper than KUL). You will lose a calendar day.
Day 3-5: Spend a few days getting over jetlag and exploring Singapore. There isn’t much to do here but eat the world’s best foods and wander the city’s crazy sights (I can give more info later on specifics, been there like 20 times). Great for getting over jetlag.
Day 6: Fly to Kuching, Sarawak (in Borneo) (Singapore-Kuching (KCH) on Tiger Airways)
Day 7: See orangutans at Semenggoh Wildlife Center.
Day 8: Bako National Reserve. Short hikes filled with Probiscus and “David Beckham” monkeys, both only found in Borneo. Other things to do in Sarawak.
Day 9: Fly to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. (Kuching (KCH)-Kota Kinabalu (BKI) on AirAsia)
Day 10-11: Climb Mt Kinabalu.
Day 12: Rest up in Sabah or check out these other things to do there. In reality you could spend a week in each Sabah or Sarawak and still have more things to do.

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation CenterMeet these not-so-little, but very endangered orangutans in Sarawak.

Day 13 (choices: go to Bali for relaxation but not best beaches, go to Sumatra for adventure, go to Peninsular Malaysia for culture and great beaches). I am going to provide two choices.

OPTION 1: Malaysia (having done both I’d do this)
Fly to KUL (Kota Kinabalu (BKI)-Kuala Lumpur (KUL) on AirAsia)
Day 14-15: spend two days chilling, exploring and eating the delicious foods
Day 16: Fly to Lankawi (scroll down to read more). (Kuala Lumpur (KUL)-Langkawi (LGK) on AirAsia)
Day 17-18: Chill on the beach eating seafood.
Day 19: Fly to Penang on AirAsia…optional…you could always stay in Langkawi (direct LGK-SIN available on AirAsia)
Day 20: Enjoy Georgetown or go to the beach
Day 21: Fly to Singapore on Tiger Airways
Day 22: Fly to SFO (return same day)

OPTION 2: Indonesia
Fly to KUL then KUL-Yogyakarta (JOG) (Kota Kinabalu (BKI)-Kuala Lumpur (KUL) on AirAsia)
Day 14-15 explore the ruins of Borobudur and Prambanan
Day 16 fly to Bali (DPS) (JOG-DPS on AirAsia)
Day 17-18 party it up in Bali…
Day 19 bus up to Ubud and chill in the jungle
Day 21: fly to Singapore (DPS-SIN on Tiger Airways)
Day 22: Fly to SFO (return same day)

This is obviously a pretty packed schedule and some things could be dropped. I think this trip really mixes “only-in-these places” wildlife and adventure, plus beaches. There will be some bad jetlag on the way back, but I assure you it will be worth it. I can fill you in on any specifics of places if you want more detail.





YOUR TURN: What are your Southeast Asian experiences?  Where would you recommend for photography, outdoors and wildlife in this part of the world?  SHARE YOUR stories in the comments below.

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